Asphalt Parking Turned Family Play

Working with the non-profit organization Depave and numerous volunteers, we ripped out 5,000 sf of an asphalt parking area at a homeless family shelter and transformed it into an area for children to play, parents to gather and families to grow fruits and vegetables.

Edible Gardening at Farmington

A traditional, suburban apartment complex landscape was transformed into an oasis featuring low maintenance edible and native plantings that encourages the farmer in all of us to thrive.

Native Restoration of Beach Retreat

Restoration, through the use of native plantings, of seaside property previously damaged by fire and subsequent building construction. Focus was placed on creating seasonal, low-maintenance beds that are appropriate to their microclimate, requiring fewer chores and more time to play.

Laurelhurst Terraces

Serpentine walls accommodate the yard’s steep slope, create various niches for plant vignettes and reflect the family’s playful nature.